International Draughts - The Championships and Champions

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A picture of a 10x10 draughts board.

The first world Championships where held in France, 1899. The first world champion was french, his name was Isidore Weiss, he kept the title for many years. Eventually, though he was beaten by Alfred Molimard.
The International Draughts Championships are held on odd years (once every 2 years).
The World Title 2017 Tournament, held in Talinn, Estonia, was won by Russian Alexander Schwarzman. There are also many other championships held. This year, a dutch player, Roel Boomstra won the World cup in a close game with Alexander Schwarzman, even with only 2 minutes to think and 2 seconds to move.

There are also women's World Championships, they started in 1973. The first female to win the women's championships was Elena Mikhailovskaya from Russia. She kept the World title for 5 championships.
Ludmilla Meijler-Sochnenko won in 1979 against her. Most of these games were held in The Netherlands, but one was played in Russia. The latest game, will be held from the 2nd to the 9th of September this year, in Poland.